Atlanta area concerts in September

Atlanta Area Concerts in September

Labor day is around the corner and the smell of college football and the Atlanta Falcons is in the air.  Some of the main musical acts to visit the Atlanta area this past summer was legendary, with acts ranging from Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and many others.  As fall takes control, the acts continue to flow.

As you and your group of friends plan to attend your favorite acts this coming month, the last thing you want is to be worried about drinking and driving or getting in and out of the parking lot, or meeting up with your friends as they drive in 5 different cars.  Allow Private Eye Limo to alleviate all those concerns and give you a occasion on top of the show that you will never forget.  Have you ever had a bad time in a Limo?  Most likely the answer is no and this is a great way to create new memories that last a lifetime.

The Atlanta concert series in September is fueled by show by the Goo Goo Dolls, Lady Antebellum, Jack Johnson, and the 90’s concert series featuring TLC, Naughty By Nature and the legendary hit by Biz Markie, “You Say She is Just a Friend”.

With over 200 shows in the Atlanta area this upcoming month, the opportunities for a great night are ample and noting makes it more legendary than the perfect limo from Private Eye Limo.


For a Full List of concerts in Atlanta visit :

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