Wine Tours in Dawsonville

We have taken the Prep out of Planning.

Ladies, Need a Day away from the house and want to be with your best girlfriends on a day trip of fun and scenery?  We at Private Eye Limo have the exact staycation trip for you that is bound to create memories for a lifetime.

  • Our Vehicles seat 14.
  • We have a 7 hour special where if you pay for 6 hours you have the 7th hour free for a total of tax and drive time of $963.  If  you had 12 people this is $80 a head to reserve a H2 Hummer Limo for an all day wine excursion.
  • Here is how the itinerary would play out:
  • 10:30AM Pickup
  • 11:30AM Montaluce (lunch)
  • 2:00 PM Wolf Mountain
  • 3:30 PM Frogtown
  • 5:30 PM Dropoff

You can pack lunches and bring them to the different locations or eat and drink at each location based on the menu rates at each location.  Incredible scenery and memories can be made at each location.  The above is merely a suggestion and arrangements for tastings and availability will have to be made by the party to see availability and current rates at the location.  You can of course choose other vineyards.

Visit our site at for limo availability.

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